About the Bizarro Game Controllers Workshop

A "Bizarro Game Controllers" workshop can bring together a dynamic group of artists, researchers, students, designers and hackers to build strange and original game controllers for embodied interaction.

Bizarro game controllers are ideal for interaction with dynamic visual art, with music, and for creating tangible interfaces. They are also really fun to build. The group-based, hands-on activities of this workshop make it a great team-building exercise, precisely because you're all actually building.

Here is some video from one of our workshops

Here are some pictures from another workshop

Expected Preparation

Expected Skills

We provide, at minimum, a hackable version of the classic video game Pong that can accommodate two players/controllers at a time. If your game controller sends keystrokes, then no extra programming is required. If you want to do a deeper hack, then any Arduino-based controller can be added by changing or writing a short serial event handler.